The Fit Collective

Registration is Currently CLOSED

The fit collective was created as an affordable option for women who need guidance and support on their fitness, weight loss & wellness loss journeys.

There are a variety of different workout programs (with new workouts added monthly) So no matter where you are starting from, there is something for you to help you reach your goals, while being fully supported along the way.

You will also have access to my Simple Nutrition Strategies, A Sample Meal Plan, Flexible Food Swaps, and training on my “Set it and Forget it” method, where you will learn how to eat for your goals and never have to count or track calories again, along with nutritional guidance.

You will have your own personal online (and in app) platform where everything will be found/delivered and you can track your progress, workouts, nutrition etc. if desired, along with video demos for all exercises.

This is all tied together with 2 opportunities per week for live coaching sessions & an exclusive group for daily coaching, video form analysis/review, accountability & support.

“I’ve lost 68+ lbs. I have no more knee pain, more energy, I am more physically active, I now have visible muscle definition, My flexibility has improved, I feel strong and healthy! I have a new lease on life.”


Here is a quick breakdown of what you will have access to as a Fit Collective Member:

  • A variety of different workouts for you to choose from based on your goal and activity level that can be done at home or at a gym – Not sure where to start? No problem, I’m happy to get you started and guide you in the right direction.
  • New Workouts added monthly
  • Sample Nutrition Plans & Nutritional Guidance
  • 2 Weekly Group Coaching Calls where you have the opportunity to talk with me one on one about your goals and/or struggles & ask me any questions.
  • Ongoing Coaching in The Fit Collective’s Exclusive & Private Facebook Group
  • Women Only

“Corinna is a great trainer and has help me to love the way I look. Also I have learned how to get to my goals.”